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About the Program

York’s Graduate Program in Psychology is the largest in Canada and one of the most diverse, with seven areas of specialization and numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

The Program offers courses, opportunities for research, and professional training leading to MA and PhD degrees. With over $13 million currently held in external research funding, the program has been very successful in attracting support for its research. Our programs provide a broad foundation in the basic principles and methods of behavioural science and, in addition, considerable field experience.

The 95 faculty members of the Graduate Program in Psychology include several who are cross-appointed to other graduate programs such as Biology, Kinesiology and Health Science, Philosophy and Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies .

Faculty are also associated with the several research units at York University.

Areas of Specialization

Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Sciences
Clinical Developmental
Developmental Science
History and Theory of Psychology
Quantitative Methods
Social and Personality

Updated on March 9th, 2017.