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The Quantitative Methods in Psychology Program is the only graduate psychology program in Ontario that trains students interested in the research, development and application of advanced quantitative methods for analyzing psychological and behavioral science data. Students are trained for research-based positions in academic, governmental, educational and commercial organizations. While studying quantitative methods, students also have the opportunity to conduct research in other substantive areas of psychology.

Faculty members are actively engaged in grant-funded research involving various methodological and substantive areas. Current research is conducted in statistical graphics for multivariate data, robust ANOVA methods, equivalence testing methods, methods for psychological measurement, methods for longitudinal data analysis, and research in latent variable models. These quantitative research areas often involve applications to substantive issues in clinical, clinical-developmental, developmental science, social-personality and other fields of psychology. The area also holds a regular Quantitative Methods Forum—showcasing new developments and novel applications of quantitative methods in psychological research, and other related research fields.

For more information about the program, including requirements, curriculum, courses offered, faculty interests, program facilities and requirements, click here.

For questions about the Quantitative Methods program, please contact the Area Coordinator: Dr. Robert Cribbie. For admissions queries, please e-mail

To apply online, please see the Graduate Studies webpage.

Areas of Specialization

Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Sciences
Clinical Developmental
Developmental Science
Historical, Theoretical and Critical Studies of Psychology
Quantitative Methods
Social and Personality

Updated on March 15th, 2018.