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Please see the Clinical and Clinical Developmental pages for requirements as well as the requirements listed here.

Completion of: Clinical CD
Clinical Psychology Program      X
Clinical-Developmental Psychology Program X
Psyc 6325 Clinical Neuroanatomy (or equivalent)      X X
Psyc 6320 Human Neuropsychology: History and Syndromes      X X
Psyc 6450 Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment      X
Psyc 6330 Cognitive Neurorehabilition      X Encouraged
Psyc 6945 Applied Pediatric Neuropsychology X
One external practicum with supervised experience in neuropsychological assessment      X X
Clinical competency examination on neuropsychological assessment case      X
MA thesis and/or Academic Breadth Comprehensive Paper relevant to clinical neuropsychology     X X
Dissertation topic relevant to clinical neuropsychology      X X
Internship with major rotation/experience in clinical neuropsychology      X X
Regular attendance at Clinical Neuropsychology Rounds      X X