Academic Requirements - Clinical Developmental Area

Practicum Day has been moved to late September/early October. Attend and get an idea of some of the sites offering assessment and intervention placements. This is an opportunity to speak with some of the supervisors at the site in order to determine whether the site will suit your interests.

NOTE: For the purposes of the assessment and intervention practica, students may be required to complete a criminal record check. Check with your site to determine whether this is required. It is strongly suggested that they be completed during the summer in anticipation of the beginning of the practicum for the coming year. Forms are available in the York University Psychology Clinic (YUPC).

Psycho-educational Assessment/Clinical and Diagnostic Assessment of Children and Adolescents (6910 and 6920)

These courses are usually taken during the second year of your Masters, prior to the Assessment Practicum in Ph.D. 1.

Assessment Practicum (6910P 3.0)

Students should have an assessment practicum site set up before September of their 3rd year (Ph.D. 1). Determine what requirements you need for your site before starting (for example, criminal check, medical evaluation and/or vaccinations, site identification requirements, workload entry requirements (often tracking of your hours is required if the site is funded by the government), etc.). A course is held concurrently at York along with the off-site practicum experience. The course is usually held every second week during both the fall and winter terms.

Intervention Strategies with Children (6930 3.0)

This course is the introductory course taken prior to starting the intervention practicum, during Ph.D. 1. It involves reading and discussion of several intervention and therapeutic methods used in the treatment of children and adolescents.

Intervention Practicum (6930P 3.0)

Start looking for practicum sites in early November of Ph.D. 1, as some sites have December deadlines. Also contact the Course Director in November to speak with him/her about searching for a site. The Course Director will arrange for a meeting or send out an email in November for all students intending to take his/her intervention course the following fall where the process of obtaining a practicum site will be discussed.

During the aforementioned meeting/email, three general themes will be discussed: a) Sites people have typically gone to (the more popular sites, as well as those viewed as providing quality placements), b) Sites that people haven’t typically gone to, but are good sites nonetheless, and c) General criteria to exercise in choosing a site.

From December to March, apply to sites, and subsequently set up meetings/interviews with sites who express an interest. During this period, maintain contact with the Course Director in order to obtain feedback with regards to the search, provide updates on potential interviews with sites, and to ask any questions. During the summer term, the Course Director may assign readings in advance of the course in the fall. Prior to the intervention practicum, it is a good idea to read books and articles regarding various forms of therapy, and to ask your site supervisor for some recommendations of readings before you begin the practicum. If you have any questions, discuss them with both the Course Director and your site supervisor. Two courses are run concurrently with the intervention practicum at this time – one is the intervention practicum course (6930P) and the other is a separate intervention strategies with children course (6930).

NOTE: Contact with the Course Director should be maintained throughout the process. Acceptance of a placement must first be approved by the Course Director as well as the director of clinical training in the CD area.

Practicum Applications and Evaluation

When starting one’s assessment or intervention practicum, students and their clinical-site supervisors will be required to complete a Practicum Agreement Form (available in the grad office; see appendix for a copy of the form). This form will outline the details of the practicum (i.e., length of practicum, estimated hours), as well as provide the department with information pertaining to your site-supervisor.

In addition, prior to the start of the winter term, as well as at the completion of the practicum, an evaluation form will be completed by the student and site-supervisor outlining the student’s progress to date with regards to client characteristics, clinical hours, and a variety of core competencies.

It is recommended that students review both forms prior to beginning their practica, such that they can gain a better understanding of what is expected of them during their time at their placement, and what criteria will be utilized in their evaluation. Copies of both forms are provided in the appendix of this document.

Optional Practicum III

The Director of Clinical Training may allow a student to take a third clinical applied practicum provided that the student has completed all course work and either the Academic Breadth Comprehensive Paper or an approved PhD dissertation proposal. Please note that this is an option that is available to a student who has been progressing in a timely manner (thus the required completion of courses and either PhD paper or dissertation proposal) and that the third practicum chosen is deemed necessary to meet the student’s training requirements.

Download Documents

York University Clinical-Developmental Practicum Agreement form:

York University Clinical-Developmental Practicum Evaluation form:

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