Practicum Site Information

Process of Application and General Information to Consider

  • What is the process/ requirements for applying?
  • Do you apply to the site or directly to a supervisor?
  • Is there a brochure or website for the site?
  • Do you have the contact information for this site? If so, can you specify the name of the site contact person, phone number, address and email address.
  • When is the deadline to apply?
  • When does the practicum start and finish?
  • What’s involved in the interview and who conducts it?
  • How many days per week or hours per week are students expected to be at the site? How can this time be spread out and who determines the schedule?
  • Is there flexibility to move around the site (i.e., doing rotations in various departments or moving to another department if the number of hours is not being met)?

Clinical Training

  • Opportunities for assessment? (if so, what type of assessments will YOU do? Note: an intake interview for a potential therapy client is not the same as full a psychological assessment; also there are different types of psyc assessments).
  • What assessment instruments will be you be trained on?
  • What is the process of training?
  • Direct observation of your supervisor?
  • Reading on your own?
  • Opportunities for treatment?
  • What is the client population?
  • Are there opportunities to conduct couples therapy? Group therapy?
  • What percentage of time is devoted to direct contact, report writing, other?
  • What is the theoretical orientation used for treatment?
  • Will you receive training for working with specific populations or dealing with specific mental health issues?
  • What is the expected case load (i.e., number of psychotherapy cases and/or the number of assessments a student is expected to get)?


  • How many supervisors are involved in training?
  • How many hours of supervision per week?
  • What is the supervision style?
  • Individual vs. group?
  • Use of audio-tapes?

Other Opportunities

  • Are research opportunities available?
  • Are teaching/ didactic opportunities available?
  • Is there a possibility of attending clinical rounds? Professional workshops conducted at the site?
  • Are there future opportunities following a practicum such as paid assessment work, research work, and does the site formally train interns?

Practicum Facility

  • How many other trainees were at the site with you? (interns, post-docs, etc.)
  • What other professionals did you work with? (social workers, psychiatrists, etc.)
  • Did you have your own office?
  • Did you have computer access?
  • Any concerns about accessibility of the site by public transit?
  • How wheelchair accessible is the site?

Overall Experience of the Practicum

  • Provide a rating on a “five-star” scale of 0 stars (not recommend) to 5 stars (highly recommend) and comment on your overall experience at this practicum.
  • What does a typical day look like at the site?

Other Helpful Information

  • Consider downloading and watching the "match made on earth" documentary. There are tons of questions re. internship that would probably also be helpful for considering a practicum site.
  • What is the perception of psychology as a profession within the site?
  • How is conflict resolved at this site? Consider what would happen in the event of a problem between supervisor/supervisee. Information from former students at this site may be very helpful in this regard, to get a sense for how professionally the site conducts itself.