Hospital for Sick Children

Name of site: The Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Psychology

Supervisor or Contact Person: Dr. Katia Sinopoli
Phone: 416-813-6269

Psychology Department, SickKids
555 University Ave. Toronto, ON, M5G 1X8

Type of Practicum offered: Child __X__ Adult ____ Both ____

Assessment ____ Intervention ____ Both __X__

General Information (i.e. description of the site, clients seen, services offered, is it TTC accessible? etc.)
The Hospital for Sick Children is a paediatric academic health sciences centre located
in downtown Toronto. The Department of Psychology at SickKids offers a variety of
services to SickKids patients who belong to specific hospital programs. The complete
list of programs is available on our website.

Services offered include neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments,
health and clinical psychology services, and consultation services. Within these areas,
psychologists provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments, counselling and
therapeutic interventions.

Supervision (i.e. Is there more than one potential supervisor? group and/or individual? How often? etc.)
Most students work with one supervisor. There may be an option to
work in two programs with two supervisors.

Training/research opportunities
See the department website for further information.

Practicum Application Deadline: February

Application procedure (i.e. documents needed, number of references, etc.)