University Health Network

Name of site: University Health Network – Affiliated Hospitals

Supervisor or Contact Person:
See brochure – varies by site/clinic

Type of Practicum offered: Child ____ Adult ____ Both __X__

Assessment ____ Intervention ____ Both __X__

General Information (i.e. description of the site, clients seen, services offered, is it TTC accessible? etc.)
Diverse patient populations on an individual, couple or group basis. Located downtown
Toronto at various locations (TWH, TGH, PMH – all close to TTC).
See brochure for details (note there is only one clinic serving children/adolescents)

Supervision (i.e. Is there more than one potential supervisor? group and/or individual? How often? etc.)
See brochure, as details vary by clinic.

Training/research opportunities
See brochure, as details vary by clinic. In general, practicum students work within a single
clinic/site but there are opportunities for some opportunities for cross-fertilization (e.g., joint Neuropsychology Rounds involving several different clinics).

Practicum Application Deadline: February

Application procedure (i.e. documents needed, number of references, etc.)
Contact specific placement clinic for details.


Recent Students:

  • Meaghan Ferguson – Cardiac Health Psychology
  • Kaley Roosen – Cardiac Health Psychology
  • Kimberley Mercer – Eating Disorders
  • Samantha Fuss – Eating Disorders
  • Rachel Vella-Zarb – Eating Disorders
  • Sara Miller – Psychosocial Oncology
  • Ana Bilanovic – Psychosocial Oncology
  • Sarah Wheeler – Neuropsychology Clinic
  • Sara Stevens – Neuropsychology Clinic
  • Nevena Simic – Neuropsychology Clinic
  • Jennifer Rabin – Neuropsychology Clinic
  • Narmeen Armani – Neuropsychology Clinic

For a detailed description, refer to University Health Network Psychological Staff website: