Graduate Program In Psychology Handbook 2022-2023

York University's Graduate Program in Psychology is the largest program in Canada. It is also one of the most diverse—with seven areas of specialization and numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

Areas of Specialization

graphic representing Brain, Behaviour & Cognitive Science

Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences

The Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS) area covers physiological and information- processing approaches to understanding behaviour, cognition, and perception.

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Clinical Psychology*

The Clinical Area offers opportunities to engage in clinically-relevant research in psychotherapy process and outcomes, neuropsychology, health psychology and personality.

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Clinical-Developmental Psychology*

The Clinical Developmental (CD) Area offers opportunities to engage in research spanning infancy through to emerging adulthood related to clinically-relevant topics in typical and atypical development, psychosocial development, neuropsychology, therapy outcomes, and program evaluation.

graphic representing Developmental Science Psychology

Developmental Science

The Developmental Science Area trains students in theory and research related to the processes of change across the lifespan. Our students gain broad competence in developmental psychology and explore in depth one or more areas of specialization.

graphic representing Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology

Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology

The Historical, Theoretical and Critical Studies of Psychology Program is one of only a few graduate psychology programs in Canada and internationally available to students wishing to conduct specialized research on historical topics in psychology, in psychological theory and metatheory, and in critical psychology.

graphic representing Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

The Quantitative Methods in Psychology Program is the only graduate psychology program in Ontario that trains students interested in the research, development and application of advanced quantitative methods for analyzing psychological and behavioral science data. Students are trained for research-based positions in academic, governmental, educational and commercial organizations. While studying quantitative methods, students also have the opportunity to conduct research in other substantive areas of psychology.

graphic representing Social and Personality Psychology

Social and Personality Psychology

Our faculty and students in the Social and Personality Area are involved in basic research in the following areas: attributions, stereotypes, relationships, social abilities, emotions, personality traits, psychology and the law, culture, forgiveness, apologies, and group behavior. In addition to basic research, applied research areas include: co-worker relations, jury decision-making, sex lives, social abilities, and discrimination. In addition to courses, training in the area includes both research and applied practica in settings inside and outside of the University.

*Accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association.

Graduate Psychology Handbook (Flipbook Version)

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