Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences

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The Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS) area covers physiological and information- processing approaches to understanding behaviour, cognition, and perception.

Our BBCS laboratories investigate fundamental research problems in human and animal behaviour, as well as, applied topics such as virtual reality and low-gravity environments. Active research areas include visual perception, cognitive neuroscience, sensory-motor control, learning, animal behaviour, measurement theory, and neuropsychology.

Experimental approaches include psychophysics, computational modeling, single-unit and multi-electrode electrophysiology, brain imaging (fMRI, VEP), studies of neurological patients, kinematic analysis, and observational field-work.

Research projects form a key part of the training program. These projects can be carried out in our faculty laboratories and in a variety of clinical and applied settings. Several BBCS laboratories are part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Vision Research—one of the largest research groups in the world specializing in vision science.

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