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Grad Life: This week, we talk to graduate students who are creating space for different perspectives in academia. First: Janelle Curry (MA candidate in Social Anthropology) discusses the Queer Graduate Student Caucus - the first group of its kind for graduate students at York.

Plus: psychology grad student Kojo Mintah and undergraduate student Jean-Marc Moke discuss their poster project to shed light on the history of black psychologists, and discuss the importance of representation in the curriculum, and the group Black Students in Psychology at York University.

To learn more about the Queer Graduate Student Caucus, contact or visit

To learn more about Black Students in Psychology at York University, contact


We talk to two PhD students from York University’s Psychology program. First: Alisha Salerno has found that a disturbing number of people with developmental disabilities, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder, fear interaction with the police. She is exploring their personal stories to find ways to improve relations. Next: Shaylea Badovinac is part of a research team that explores links between maternal depression symptoms and mother-child detachment in early life. As we all know, the bond between mother and child, especially in the early years, is one of the strongest forces in the world. So how does this study illuminate the challenges that both parties face with attachment and detachment?